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What Irrigation Method is Best for Your Yard

Grass WateringIrrigation is an important factor to consider when it comes to your yard. Irrigation is the process of applying water artificially to your yard. Irrigation is critical to maintain the health of any yard and lawn. While the Pacific Northwest is great at supplying a natural source of hydration for lawns to flourish, that typically does not continue year round. If you wish to have a lush looking grass all year round then artificial irrigation is needed to keep your yard hydrated.

There are several types of irrigation available today. While all of them have ties to the agricultural world a few of the methods are particularly helpful to improve and maintain the health of your personal yard. Here is a list of a few methods to consider for you yard:

Surface irrigation – This is a method where you temporarily flood the ground while containing the water within a natural or man-made perimeter. This method is mainly used for large scale crop growth, however it could have a place in your yard if it is naturally set up for a temporary flood. However, most homeowners will not be comfortable having a pool of water that could seep into the foundation of the home and cause damage.

Drip irrigation – This method is where a system of pipes are carefully placed around the plants you wish to irrigate. This method allows for a consistent deep watering while at the same time limits evaporation and wasted water. This method makes the most sense for potted plants or a home garden where it ensures the plant is consistently getting the water it needs.

Sub Irrigation – The method is where the water source is placed in the ground below the area you wish to water. By placing the pipes under the ground, it allows you to raise the water table and soak the plant roots directly from underneath. This method eliminates all evaporation that may occur by other techniques. While this method is very effective it is costly to establish this system.

Sprinkler System – This is the most common method of yard irrigation and the most practical. This method of irrigation allows you to focus on the areas of the yard that you wish and ignore the areas of the yard that do not need as much watering. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about large amounts of runoff or losing the water to evaporation. Check out our article about best ways to water you yard to learn about which type of sprinkler system is best for your yard.

In conclusion, there are several types of irrigation that may work for your yard. We know that your yard can be a wonderful extension of your home, and provide a respite from the hectic pace of life. At SprayLawn we can provide a lush grass as a focal point of any yard. Contact us today to see how we can help hydroseed your yard today.