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LawnSprayLawn has been hydroseeding lawns in the Puget Sound area for over 35 years. 

SprayLawn has several grass blends to choose from.  For example, if you have active children and you need a durable lawn, we suggest trying our Futura 2000 Play Mix; A 3-way blend of perennial rye grasses guaranteed to handle any slide tackle.

If you have heavily shaded area... a SprayLawn shade mix consisting of red chewing and creeping fescue will thrive in these conditions.

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Our standard play & shade mix is our most popular blend, it can handle heavy traffic, full sun, and shade.

We will be happy to answer any questions you have.  Please feel free to call us for an estimate.

Types of Hydroseeding

 New Lawns

We offer a wide variety of lawn mixes ranging from our most popular sun and shade mix to bentgrass mixes.  SprayLawn can custom blend seed mixes upon request.  Whether you are looking for a sports field or wish to establish a lawn in a heavily shaded area, SprayLawn has the appropriate seed mix for the application.  All our hydroseed comes with a 1 year written warranty, except for non irrigated erosion control orders SprayLawn will include, as a standard feature, a tactified mulch application on every job.  Tactified mulches stay interlocked far better than non tactified mulches as the wood fibers remain bonded in the organic glue (guar).  This prevents mulch separation in the event of a heavy rain and results in a more even lawn.

Included in the hydroseed mix is 25-30 days of fertilizer.  The longevity of the fertilizer may vary depending upon the amount of rain incurred.  SprayLawn also can provide starter fertilizer after the application for future maintenance.

If you are concerned about watering, we offer a poly acrilimite polimer additive which greatly reduces the need to water (it's the same stuff as in baby diapers...).

Types of Hydroseeding

Erosion Control

Nothing is as important to a builder/homeowner than to get an inspector taken care of if she/he has been ordered to provide erosion control by a city official.  An occupancy permit may be on the line!!!  This is our top priority and we will do our best to be on the site the next day to remedy anyone who has been so directed or wishes to provide coverage as an insurance.

We have D.O.T. specified erosion control mixes on  hand with and without clover.  We also have over 400' of hose and will work our tails off  if someone is in a jam.

If there is a severe slope in need of stabilization, we can also provide Soilguard as a means to help remedy such a problem.  Hydroseeding is the least expensive option to be exercised in most erosion mitigation problems and typically will satisfy the condition.

We feel that with proper advisement to city inspectors or geotechs, many expensive jute netting or messy hay applications can be avoided and remedied with hydroseeding.

Types of Hydroseeding

Wild Flower Application

We generally don't promote wild flower simply because it has mixed results at best.  The connotation of "wild flower" conjures up fields of swaying poppies and bachelor buttons but in reality one out of four applications look good, and we advise customers as such.  You're better off going to Home Depot and buying a sack of wild flower mix than trying to hydroseed it.  Wild flower, in reality, requires a bit of soil cover to be viable.  However, we do encourage trying clover as a means of monoculture cropping.  Clover is an evergreen cover, requires no maintenance and is very attractive.  We promote Dutch Clover as well as New Zealand Clover.  Both are perennial and provide excellent soil stabilization.

Types of Hydroseeding

Wetland Restoration

Excavation into a sensitive area can bring out neighbors you didn't even know you had.  Whether you are directed to restore a wetland or creating one in a wetland exchange design, we can hydroseed a wetland for you or your company.

If you are interested in creating a wetland habitat, feel free to fax a spec sheet of the particular species you have in mind.  We have on hand several standard wetland mixes native to the area and will be happy to provide you this information upon request.

Types of Hydroseeding


At the end of your plat give us a call.  We understand you want your bond money back.  It has probably been 5 years or more in the works.  At least this will be simple.  SprayLawn will give you a very competitive price on your Bioswail application.  It very well could be the least expensive component of your plat.  Thanks and by the way, for your development, it means jobs for everyone and is probably one of the most important components in sustaining our economy.