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Guarantee: Spray Lawn guarantees to our customer to use high quality certified seed that is applied in a mixture of water, high phosphorus fertilizer, hydro mulch, tackifier and other additives.

The hydro seed mixture is applied to your prepared soil using hydro seeding equipment at the appropriate rates. If the lawn does not germinate within 35 days of application (weather permitting) due to product failure or workmanship, those portions of the lawn that have not germinated will be re-seeded one time at no charge under the following conditions: The lawn has been fertilized between day 21-25 after the initial hydroseed application and then given 10 days thereafter for the fertilizer to take effect.

Potential problems must be brought to our attention within 60 days of application. Spray Lawn is not responsible for weed competition or eradication. Spray Lawn is not responsible for under fertilizing, over or under watering. Spray Lawn is not responsible for acts of nature, vandalism or torrential rains.

This Guarantee is only valid for the hydroseeding of bare prepared soil. This guarantee does not cover overseeding of existing lawns or unprepared soil.

Please follow the “Care and Watering” directions on our website at SprayLawn.com  

Spray Lawn Hydroseeding does not warranty it's application on PACIFIC TOPSOIL .
All other topsoil companies are warrantied.