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How to use Fertilizer for your Lawn

There is a great feeling of satisfaction walking into your back yard and seeing your lawn lush and green. Backyard barbeques and family activities all seem more enjoyable having a yard that looks great. However, not everyone is able to achieve a great looking lawn. That is why some homeowners have to use fertilizer to help their lawn reach that level of health and thickness.

All plant based vegetation need a number of things to flourish and be healthy. The most important elements are found in the oxygen and water they receive from nature. However, there are some elements that are not as common and fertilizers can provide these components so plants can reach optimal health. The three most common components needed are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Nitrogen is the most vital of the three because it provides the plant with the ability to grow faster and reach a deeper color. But, a plant cannot survive with just an increase in nitrogen. In fact, the rapid growth will only compromise the health of the plant in the long run. Phosphorus helps plant roots grow faster and helps the plant reach maturity earlier. Potassium or Potash helps the plant prevent disease and strengthens the plant to survive colder seasons. All three of these are needed to help your lawn reach an improved state.

When applying fertilizer you want to be sure to not over apply. A few times a year should suffice. Additionally, using an organic based fertilizer will help improve the health of your lawn. With an organic based product, your lawn will be able to absorb all of the elements of the fertilizer with ease, where as a non-organic product may have materials that can be harder for your lawn to process.  

While it can be hard at times to maintain your lawn, using fertilizer properly can help bring it back to full health. We know that having a healthy lawn is a great way to enjoy your yard and home. Contact SprayLawn for your hydroseeding Tacoma needs.