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How to Prevent Topsoil Erosion

Grass TopsoilOne of the factors you have to consider with your lawn is the potential threat of erosion of your topsoil. While flat yards are less at risk, having a sloped yard can lead to increased erosion challenges. Erosion can be caused by rainfall, wind, or melting ice that can cause runoff to wash away topsoil. Inadequate growing conditions and areas of the yard exposed to high activity can also lead to erosion. Some signs of erosion are bald spots in your yard, exposed roots or swampy areas. Regardless of the reasons for erosion in your yard, it can be problematic if you do not take appropriate measures. There are several ways you can prevent erosion in your lawn. The first thing you should do is assess the severity of the issue and then take one or more of these steps to control the erosion and keep your topsoil healthy.

Vegetation - This is a simple and common way to combat erosion in your yard.  Trees, shrubs, and flowers shield your yard and protect it from runoff and wind. The vegetation also helps stabilize the soil by using their roots to soak up water. By planting vegetation around and in your yard you provide a protective barrier around the topsoil helping it stay put. If you are having challenging keeping water or topsoil in place consider planting some shrubs, trees or flowers in your yard.

Matting – A thick mat can be purchased to lay on the soil surface. These mats are eco-friendly and provide a protective barrier to the topsoil keeping it shielded from the elements. Your plants and other vegetation is allowed to grow through it while the soil stays in place and is allowed to focus on soaking up water and other nutrients it needs to flourish. These mats do need to be replaced periodically however, so be sure to monitor their strength if you decide to go this route.

Mulching – This is a process of applying organic materials around and to your lawn. This will help control the temperature as well the moisture your lawn retains. This could be something simple placing lawn clippings around the trouble spots to help those areas recover. If you add both a layer of mulch and fertilizer to your lawn, your grass will improve its overall health and restore its pH levels. This strategy is especially helpful in high foot traffic areas.

Retaining Walls – While not every yard is equipped to handle a wall, it is a helpful strategy for those that are sloped. A retaining wall can prevent water run off around the areas of erosion. This can be very effective especially when used with the other methods.

Having a yard that is lush and healthy is a real treat. It can provide the owners of the yard an additional place to make family memories and enjoy the company of friends. Erosion is a real threat to the oasis a yard can provide. At SprayLawn we know the value of having a great outdoor space to call your own. Our hydroseeding techniques will eliminate all current erosion issue your yard is currently facing and will greatly reduce future threats of erosion. Contact us today about how we can help hydroseed your lawn today.