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What Type of Flowers are Best for my Yard

In a previous article we discussed how having a full and healthy yard would include a lush and healthy lawn while also including flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. Specifically we talked about how to find the best flower for your yard based off of sunlight, size it reaches at maturity and when to plant it. Many people may not feel comfortable with planting flowers without more information on which type of flower is best to help improve the overall look of their yard as well of the health of your topsoil. With that in mind, there are two basic types of flowering plants to consider for your yard, annual and perennials. They are each unique in what they offer your yard so consider the following before making your decision:

These are flowers that grow only one season and have to be planted every year. These are lovely plants but need to be replanted so you need to determine how much work you wish to put into your yard and specifically which flowers to plant. Here are some ideas to chose from that can be combined for just the right look:

PerennialsThese bulbs often cost a little more than annual flower bulbs but reproduce flowers year after year and become more and more lush as they mature. To get the best results and most out of your flowers you should select perennials not only based on the sun exposure but on the hardiness zone that is specific for certain flowers. The hardiness zone is a geographically defined area in which plants and flowers are capable of growing based off their ability to withstand the minimum temperatures of the climate conditions of that zone.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture produces a map for gardeners that shows the hardiness zones of the Untied States based on the average of low temperature readings taken from weather stations.  After you have determined the hardiness zones for your region, here are some ideas of plants based off sun exposure:

Roses are also a very popular perennial and a good choice. If you are a first time planter of roses you should avoid the hybrid tea roses which require a lot of attention and only bloom for a short season.  You should look for a rose that has a long bloom season for your hardiness region.

In closing choosing the right flower for your yard may seem difficult at first but with careful preparation and research it is quite simple. You need to consider the amount of sun your yard gets as well of which type of flower to plant. It seems that the perennials give you better results over time but you will need to decide which is best for your yard and your situation. At SprayLawn we know how important a healthy and full yard can be to any family. In the Pacific Northwest we often use our yards as an outdoor living space in the warmer months and they become places for making family memories. Your lawn is a big part of that and if your lawn is in need of some attention we would love to help improve the topsoil health and hydroseed it so that it comes in thick and full. Contact us today to see how we can meet your needs.