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The 5 reasons why hydroseeding is the best way to establish your new lawn

When it comes to growing a new lawn their are a lot of important elements to think about. Consider these five reasons why SprayLawn hydroseed is your best option:

Value - At SprayLawn we know the hard working folks of the northwest value their time outdoors, and what better way to enjoy the outdoors then on a quality lawn. Often times though, your lawn can use a makeover.  We provide a quality service for a reasonable price, making it a great value to you.

Effective - With all of the different methods of establishing a new lawn for your home or business, hydroseeding is the most effective use of time and resources. We know how important our customers time and energy is. That is why we use state of the art equipment to spray our hydroseed onto your topsoil. Spreading seed by hand can take hours and using sod can be costly. Hydroseed is an effective way to place seeds across the lawn in an timely manner.

Coverage - Another excellent reason for choosing SprayLawn hydroseeding over other methods of lawn establishment is because it provides great coverage. Our technicians are able to visually see where the seed has been sprayed due to our unique blend of hydroseed. At times sod may spread unevenly and look spotty and broadcasting seed may leave spaces of topsoil uncovered. Our hydroseed guarantees that the grass seed is placed evenly throughout the topsoil of your lawn ensuring a great looking lawn.

Quickness - An added benefit of using SprayLawn hydroseed is it's ability to grow quickly, establishing your lawn faster than many other methods of growing grass on the market today. Other methods of grass delivery take several weeks to mature while hydroseeding provides rapid results.

Local - SprayLawn is a locally owned company that has been in the Puget Sound for over 25 years. We pride ourselves in being experts in this field and know that we are able to meet your lawn needs. When you work with SprayLawn you are working with a company that knows this region and the needs of northwest landscaping. At SprayLawn we would love to earn you business - hydroseeding Tacoma, Seattle, and beyond.