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How Planting Flowers can Improve your Yard Health

Flowers and Lawn

At SprawLawn we know the value of having a yard that is replete with color bursting from flowers, shrubs, trees and other vegetation that can complete the look of the overall yard. We suggest for those folks that are looking to improve their overall yard to first tend to their largest surface, their lawn. We provide excellent spray on hydroseed that creates a lush green grass. After that is complete we suggest planting flowers to add some needed color to your yard as well as help your topsoil health in preventing erosion.  

But the process of choosing which flowers to plant in your yard can be overwhelming especially if you don't have a green thumb and are unfamiliar with the different types of flowers and how to care for them. It can be such a daunting task that some people decide not to plant flowers because of fear of killing them. However, there are so many amazing choices that with water and a little care, you can turn your yard into a colorful oasis.  Consider the following when choosing which flowers to plant:

Plant Ideal Light

Plants need either full sun (six or more hours of direct sun), partial shade (three to six hours of direct sun) or shade (less than three hours of sun) to thrive each day.  No matter how well you care for your flowers, plants that loves shade will not thrive in the scorching sun and plants that love the sun will not thrive in the shade. So before you go to purchase your flowers consider where in your yard you wish to plant them and consider the path the sun travels each season to see if the flower will thrive in that location.

Plant Size

You should pay attention to the mature size of the plant and not the size it is when you plant it. If you are planting your flowers in pots, you want to make sure they will still fit when they reach maturity. If you are planting several flowers together you what to make sure you give each one enough room to grow as they mature.

When to plant

For many people when the sun is out shining people think of planting flowers whether it is spring, summer or early fall. While those may seem like good times to plant new flowers, many will not thrive due to the short root base of a new plant. It is best to plan ahead and plant new flowers in the spring after the winter frost has dissipated. This provides several weeks of good sunlight and lower heat so the young plants can begin to grow in new soil and take up roots by the time the summer sun begins.

After deciding where you want to plant your flowers based off the amount of space you have and the sunlight, you now can start choosing what kind of colors you want. The combinations are endless so have fun and get creative. Contact SprayLawn for your lawn care needs and we can help revive and replant your lawn so that you can enjoy both a lush green grass and the flowers you plant around your yard.