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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Hydroseeding & Why Consider It?

Hydroseeding is a grass planting application where fibrous wood mulch, seed, and fertilizer are mixed into a water based slurry and applied under pressure on your soil.  This process provides an ideal germination medium for grass to grow.

Hydroseeding has gradually become the most popular method of lawn installation due to its low cost, superior quality, and ease of installment.  Hydroseeding is less than 1/3 the price of sod, can use a wide variety of grasses, and requires no labor to install.

What Are The Benefits Of Hydroseeding Compared To Other Methods?

Most sod contains Kentucky Bluegrass.  The unique nature of Bluegrass with its interlocking root structure and ease of handling has caused most sod companies to use this in their blends.  Kentucky Bluegrass is not native to this area and is virtually incompatible with native grasses.  Its use in sod has created a higher maintenance (alkaline dependent) lawn.  Unless requested, SprayLawn will not use Kentucky Bluegrass.

The merits of hydroseeding vs. hand seeding are basically twofold: time and quality; unless you are willing to import several cubic yards of peat moss per thousand square feet, and laboriously sift it over hand sewn seeds, roll it, and reseed for several months... hydroseeding is a most viable substitute for this method of planting.  The degenerated cellular lining of peat affords it very little water retention capacity as compared to virgin wood fiber (mulch) found in a hydroseeded lawn.  The watering demands for peat covered seed are at least two times as much as when hydroseeded.  Virgin wood fiber mulch hydroseeding still retains its water retention cellular capacity, greatly reducing watering requirements.

It is very common for peat moss covered seed to wash out in the event of a moderate rain event.  A SprawLawn hydroseeded lawn with a tactified (glue based) coagulant will not wash out.  At the end of the day, a hand seeding lawn is very labor intensive using lumpy peat material, airborne fines, and inconsistent (patchy) results.

A SprayLawn yard is evenly applied with interlocking wood fibers, using an organic tactifier (glue) and is guaranteed.

Why Should I Use SprayLawn?

SprayLawn has been hydroseeding for 25 years.  The person on the phone, doing the application, and drafting this Web site is the owner.  You will have the owner of the company doing the application on your site, not a clocked employee waiting to clock out and party on, running through your job.  My livelihood is dependent on your being happy with my service.  I take pride in my work; with my experience, I can do better and neater work.

We offer excellent customer service.  You will almost always be able to get a hold of me.  Even when I am spraying, I will shut the machine down to talk with you.  You will almost never get a voice mail (unless I'm out of cell range).

My belief is if I do a good job, I will not have to come back and make a service call.  That costs both of us more in the long run.

What Are Your Service Areas?

SprayLawn services all of the greater Puget Sound area.  We are based out of Auburn and have no problem going to Everett or Longbranch.  We can schedule your order at anytime and should have no problem hydroseeding your lawn within a few days.

Islands will require trip charges and ferry fees.